Alumni Volunteer Service Awards

Alumni Volunteer Service Awards

The biennial Alumni Volunteer Service Awards recognize and honor alumni for their outstanding accomplishments and service to the alumni organization and to the university. 

Nominations for the awards are now closed. Awardees will be announced later this summer and celebrated at a recognition event during National Volunteer Month in April 2021. Individuals are honored in six categories. General contributions of board and/or committee member service and other volunteer support may qualify nominees. Additional criteria for specific categories are listed below. Any or all of these criteria will be considered and the overall strength of the nomination is more important than meeting each and every criterion. 

President’s Award for Exceptional Volunteer Service
Awarded to an alumnus/alumna

The Hunt-Perkinson-Snead Alumni Pride Award
Awarded to an alumnus/alumna or alumni couple

Edward H. Peeples Jr. Award for Social Justice and Equality
Awarded to an alumnus/alumna or a friend of VCU who improves the lives of VCU students and/or VCU alumni

VCU Alumni GOLD Award
Awarded to a graduate of the last decade

Awarded to a student

VCU Alumni Outstanding Program Award
Awarded to a VCU Alumni affiliated group or chapter

Previous award winners

2018: Austin Stewart (B.S.’19/H&S)
2016: Sarah Kilmon (B.S.17/MC)
2014: Daniel J. Metz (B.S.14/En)
2012: Alexandra McDougall (B.S.13/H&S)
VCU Alumni GOLD Award
2018: Andrew Hobson (B.S.’12/En)
2016: Joseph R. Stemmle (B.S.’13/B)
2014: Timothy Nguyen (B.S.11/B)
2012: Yesenia C. Villalta (B.S.W.11/SW)
Eugene H. and Rosalia C. Hunt Alumni Pride Award
2018: Joseph Lowenthal Jr. (B.F.A.’55/A)
2016: Michelle Turner (B.S.’93/H&S)
2014:Frank J Shortall Jr. (B.S.96/B)
2012: Paula B. Saxby, Ph.D. (M.S.85/N; Ph.D.92/N)
VCU Alumni Outstanding Program Award
2018: Military Veterans Alumni Council Veterans Day Reception, Saif Khan (B.S.’07/H&S)
Alumni Charity Challenge
2014: Monroe Scholars Book Award Program, Robert A. Almond (B.S.74/E; M.Ed.85/E)
2012: Ram to Ram Program, Joseph E. Becht Jr. (M.B.A.80/B); VCU Alumni Association's Richmond Promise Program, Eddie Robinson (B.G.S.00/H&S; M.S.W.03/SW)
VCU Alumni Service Award
2018: Franklin R. Wallace Jr. (B.F.A.’87/A; M.P.A.’08/GPA)
2016: Timmy Nguyen (B.S.’11/B)
2014: B. Ellen Byrne, D.D.S., Ph.D.(B.S.77/P; D.D.S.83/D; Ph.D.91/M; H.S.91/D)
2012: Corinne F. Dorsey (Dipl.54/N.; B.S.65/N); Jon B. Hill (B.S.85/B; M.B.A.99; M.S.12/B)
Elaine and W. Baxter Perkinson Jr. and Vickie and Thomas Snead Jr. Alumni Award for Extraordinary Service
2018: Ken Thomas (B.S.’91/B) and Pat Thomas
William M. Ginther (B.S.’69/B; M.S.’74/B) and Marsha C. Ginther.
2014: Mary C. Doswell and John (D.D.S.79/D) C. Doswell II, D.D.S.
2012: Elaine N. Perkinson and W. Baxter Perkinson Jr., D.D.S.(D.D.S.70/D); Vickie M. Snead (B.S.76/B) and Thomas N. Snead Jr.(B.S.76/B)
Edward H. Peeples Jr. Award for Social Justice
2018: Sarah Huggins Scarbrough, Ph.D. (M.S.’07/GPA; Cert.’07/GPA; Ph.D.’12/GPA)
2016: David A. Gallagher (B.S.’97/B)
2014: Edward H. Peeples Jr., Ph.D.(B.S.57/E)
MCVAA Hodges-Kay Service Award
2018: Michelle R. Peace, Ph.D. (Ph.D.’05/M)
2016: Tammy Swecker (B.S.’93/D; M.Ed.’05/E)
2014: Patricia B. Bernal (B.S.80/N; M.S.91/N); Alvin J. Schalow Jr. (B.S.61/P) and Alvin J. Schalow (B.S.61/P)
2013: Bronwyn M. Burnham (B.S.89/P)
2012: Michael O. McMunn, D.D.S. (D.D.S.77/D)
2011: Frederick T. Given Jr., M.D. (M.D.53/M)
2010: Mary Shall, Ph.D. (Ph.D.91/AHP)
2009: George W. Burke III, M.D. (M.D.70/M)
2008: John C. Doswell II, D.D.S. (D.D.S.79/D)
2007: W. Baxter Perkinson Jr., D.D.S. (D.D.S.70/D)
2006: Henry W. Addington (B.S.51/P)
2005: Barry Kirkpatrick, M.D. (M.D.66/M)
2004: Corinne Dorsey (Dipl.54/N; B.S.65/N)
2003: Louise O. Brooks (B.F.A.77/A; B.S.82/AHP)
2002: Marianne Rollings (B.S.63/P)
2001: Rebecca T. Perdue (B.S.62/AHP)
2000: Ruth W. Campbell, M.D. (M.D.57/M)
1999: W.C. Henderson, D.D.S. (D.D.S.37/D)
1998: Bertha C. Rolfe (B.S.47/P)
1997: Lindsay W. Butler (B.S.22/P)
1996: Richard Barnes, D.D.S. (D.D.S.77/D)
1995: Ralph M. Ware Jr. (B.S.42/P)
1994: Harry I. Johnson Jr., M.D. (M.D.53/M)
1993: Thomas W. Nooney Jr., Ph.D. (Ph.D.70/M)
1992: Katherine C. Bobbitt (B.S.56/N)
1991: Frances W. Kay (B.S.59/N)